Due Diligence and Consulting Support


Due Diligence and Consulting Support

These activities support a client’s need for research into the legal and physical factors that may influence the value of an interest in real property or real estate. It does not involve reaching an opinion of value or the opinion about the work of an appraiser. It often involves making suggestions and referrals to obtain the services of other valuation or related professionals that may be needed to more fully understand the rights and interests in a property.

Examples of due diligence and consulting support includes:

  • Litigation support
  • Lease analysis
  • Cash flow modeling (Argus)
  • Zoning and General Plan studies
  • Demand analysis

After an initial clarification of the type of services needed, an assignment agreement will be prepared and sent to the client for signature.  It will include a brief description of the property, and will include information regarding the name of the client, intended use and users of the appraisal, appraisal review, or consulting services.  Essentially the “scope of work” will be stated along with a request for any needed documents.  The assignment agreement should be reviewed carefully.